Debt Collection Service

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We believe in the importance of providing our members with the advantages needed to succeed in today’s business world.   Our company along with its efficiently qualified staff can assist in providing you with a seamless approach to maintaining and monitoring all of your financial recovery solutions.  Through our affiliation with a first-rate collection service company, we can help you manage your outstanding accounts at every phase of the revenue cycle.  Our customized software and technology is designed to provide members with the advantages they need to recover their lost income.

National Locating Databases

Accounts are automatically processed through “real time” National skip-tracing databases upon entry into our system. Everyday new information is automatically scanned through our database and attached to debtors located in our system.

imagingDocument Imaging System

We scan all documents into our system to create an electronic file for each account. This allows our collectors to view every document sent by our clients with a click of a button. This feature dramatically increases the collector’s number of phone calls as they spend less time looking for files when debtors request to review them. More phone calls mean more money collected for our clients.

24-724/7 Account Status

Clients have 24/7 access through our website to view any debtor placed and their collection status, run performance reports and keep up to date records on our collection percentages.

caller-idCaller ID Capture

Allows us to identify the location and phone number of most incoming calls.

skip-traceInternet Skip Trace Sites

Every collector’s computer is on-line with numerous skip-trace sites. This allows our collectors the ability to capture and locate new information on debtors, allowing better results and faster returns for our clients.

credit-card-checkOn Line Credit Search

Our software allows each collector the ability to pull credit reports from all three of the major credit bureaus (Trans Union, Equifax & Experian) and download the information directly into the debtors account.

letterAutomated Letter

Within the predefined parameters, our software will generate follow up, reminder, demand, or settlement letters without any collector intervention. However, each collector has the ability to generate their own letter sequence, as they deem necessary as per the debtor’s response or action.

check-phoneChecks By Phone

This feature allows our collectors the ability to accept personal checks over the telephone and deposit the payments immediately.

PayYourRentOn Line Payments

Our website has a link to allow every debtor the ability to make a payment to their account. All letters sent to debtors let them know that they can go to our web site and make their payment.